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the finest collection of sofa beds from around the world

Sofa in general can be interpreted as a long chair that has arms and backrest, layered foam and upholstery (upholstery). The term sofa comes from the word sopha which means as a seat like a cot (bed).
Components sofa

Components of the sofa consists of:

Frame, generally made of wood, the type of wood commonly used as a frame sofa, among others: jati belanda, jinjing, meranti, mahogany, pine, etc. In its development period, the use of sofa of iron frame / steel is widely used to obtain the strength and mechanical power of a sofa
Spring system, serves as an anchoring force from the seat holder. Spring system is usually made of per, but can also use webbing / rubber as a replacement.
The holder, serves to provide comfort in a sofa. The level of tenderness of the cradle varies on the taste of each individual. The use of an overly padded seat will cause the covber to become loose, while the holder is too hard will cause the comfort level of the sofa to be reduced. The stand is made of foam, sometimes used as a support material to save the use of foam.
A backrest. The backrest can be made of foam, dakron, or goose feather. Its use depends on the model of sofa made. The backrest made of goose feather has a high value.
Upholstery. The key to the beauty of a couch lies in its upholstery. Upholstery can use fabric fabric, can also use leather (original or synthetic / oscar). Selection of upholstery should be adjusted to the theme of the room and the taste of the user's sofa.
Bed or bed is a furniture or a place used as a bed or rest. Throughout history, the bed has grown from a simple type, like a straw filled mattress to luxurious fixtures decorated with fabrics. Like many other types of furniture, the bed is often seen as a symbol of social class and wealth.

Most modern beds consist of iron or wooden frames (bedstead). The accessories for beds added are mattresses for comfort, sheet, blankets, and pillows. Beds can also serve as other furniture, for example being a couch at the moment not used. The contents of the mattress can be straw, feather, cotton and artificial filler. Most modern mattresses use springs, hard foam, water, or air.

Below the mattress, it is usually a box spring. This box is a box the size of a mattress made of wood and springs that provide additional support and suspension for the mattress. The next layer is usually the bed frame that supports the mattress or box on top of the ground.
Bed type

The water bed, is a framed bed equipped with a mattress consisting of a vinyl bag filled with water.
Murphy bed (Murphy bed), is a type of bed that can be folded with a hinge into a toilet. Not everyone sleeps in bed framed and mattress. In Japan and Latin America, many people sleep on straw mats spread on the floor. In tropical countries people sleep in cradles (hammocks).

Other bed types:

Four-poster bed, four-poster bed
Bunk beds, bunk beds
Futon, Japanese bed
Single bed, single bed
Divan, legless bed
Double bed, double bed
Hammocks, hammocks
Sofa bed, sofa bed

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