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¡Tu creador de avatares! Conviértete en un personaje de dibujos animados.

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Use Dolltoon to create amazing avatars and characters! Make character of yourself, friends, family and celebrities! Create the cartoon face, and style your personal avatar!

With the powerful editing and cartoon maker tools of Dolltoon, you can make a person enjoy a character game. Expressing just how exciting you and your life are in the character game.

Did you know? Custom personalized cartoon avatars can be more effective on social media than traditional (boring) photos. Whether chatting with friends, building up followers, or just looking for a change, upgrade your image with a colorful cartoon avatar, become a character maker, a cartoon maker and enjoy avatar games are great ideas. That’s where Dolltoon comes in.

Our avatar creator lets you stand out from the crowd while still being yourself. Dolltoon not only creates a unique, personalized, cartoon for you but also makes you a character creator with personalized backgrouns and faces. Make your own character, wow friends and followers with colorful cartoon character! Go a step further and use our avatar editing tools to insert your character into real-life photos: all using one powerful cartoon face app!


Avatar Customization - With just a few taps Dolltoon easily creates a personalized cartoon avatar that looks almost as good as the real thing. Become a character creator!

Dolltoon provides users with powerful editing tools that bring their photos, be they professional or fun, to the next level.

You can select from your gallery the backgrounds to use in your character creations!

Avatar Fun - The social fun of Dolltoon doesn’t stop at creating and sending photos. You can use the drawing tool to create even more customization of your avatars, and have totally unique characters.

Send and Share - Effortlessly share your personalized cartoon character on any other social media you can think of.

Character Maker and Creator- Use the cartoon face app to easily customize your avatar however you wish. Make a person from hair to eyes, clothes to the nose, everything can be customized, to ensure your avatar looks just like you.

Style Options - Become a character maker and a cartoon creator! Tons of customization options! Change your clothes, hair, and color scheme, to let your personal style really shine through.

Become any famous character with Dolltoon! With a cute little cartoon you, expressing yourself has never been easier!

Dolltoon is an awesome way to show the world how unique you really are. Tons of customization options really let your personality shine through! Whether texting, tweeting, gaming, or anything else, Dolltoon is the premier tool to bring your avatar life to the next level. Dolltoon is also a character game, you could become a character creator, a cartoon maker, and make your own character here! Don’t wait to improve your profile!
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Dolltoon - Crear personajes
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