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In making clothes or clothing, the pattern is the main thing that must be prepared. Pattern is a blueprint of clothing that will be made.

Perfect or not your dress depends on how good and as detailed as your dress pattern. Therefore, making the pattern is one important element in the making of a fashion.

This pattern is a picture of the shape of pieces or parts of the clothes that will be united later.

In essence, the pattern that has been made will be a reference in making clothes to avoid errors in the making, especially when the process of cutting the cloth.

Actually even without a pattern, fashion can still be made but sometimes the results obtained are not as expected.

How to create patterns is not as difficult as imagined. Just prepare the necessary equipment such as scissors, paper, pencil, and eraser

In choosing which pattern to make, a beginner should be able to adjust to his or her capabilities. It is better if the selected pattern starts from the simplest pattern.

The selection of easy and simple patterns will keep you from the usual saturation when working on difficult patterns.

The pattern of the shirt is one of the most suitable patterns for a beginner. Therefore, the shirt itself, does not have many indentations that tend to be easy in its application ..

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