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Cube Rush is a fun tap 2 game! Solve puzzles in this fun blasting game & win!.
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Download and play Cube Rush - the most fun and exciting tap 2 game! Solve puzzles in this fun blasting game, clear all the levels, and win cool boosters. Play now for free and enjoy loads of challenging levels! Swipe and match 2 or more adjacent cubes to complete missions and clear levels. Create powerful combos to get awesome gifts and to explode all the blocks!

Cube Rush is the most fun and addicting arcade matching game in the store! Be the ultimate bomber, swap and match your way - tap the crush cubes and BOOM - create a major explosion! It's a great booming cube game for all of you who love to explode and pop for fun. Join the color blasting adventure and have a blast crushing and bursting all the colorful bricks!

Try to clear the board with fewer moves to get a higher score. Remember, the more blocks you pop and burst, the higher score you will get! You can restart any level without having to wait for lives, as they are unlimited. Enjoy playing and solving all the fun arcade puzzles!

Play Cube Rush game, and enjoy the best puzzle block crush game features:
- Tap to play! Connect 2 or more adjacent tiles and bricks of the same color to create a major blast.
- Plenty of fun levels filled with cool puzzles and challenges that will train your brain.
- Beautiful toys graphics and colorful designs.
- Amazing boosts and gifts that will help you along the way.
- Easy to learn and play - crush toys and clear the board to advance!
- Free tapping game to play and totally addictive!
- Awesome and relaxing blaster game to play with family and friends.

** Unlock awesome rewards and boosters that will create a big BOOM:
- Match, crush and burst 5 or 6 blocks to get a rocket.
- Crash, match and explode 7 or 8 tiles to get a bomb.
- Swipe, swap, and match 9 toy cubes to earn a color wheel
Rockets, bombs and color wheels will help you smash all the items and beat the challenges!

Fan of puzzle games? Can’t get enough of exciting brain teasers? Then Cube Rush tap game is simply perfect for you! Be the best bomber and blaster, get it now for free and test your puzzle solving skills with hours of block blasting fun!

Can tapping 2 or more toy bricks get even more fun?
Play this cool cube blast game now and find out!

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Có gì mới
Here we go again! We introduce a new look and feel while keeping our game great!
In this update you can enjoy:
- A trip around the world! Play through 33 chapters, each with its own unique look and feel.
- Twice the prizes = twice the fun! Get the prizes for BOTH winning levels AND for collecting stars.
- Tons of under-the-hood fixes and improvements
Stay tuned! During the next few weeks, we'll add many new exciting features, improvements, and tweaks.

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