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The App ensures safety and efficiency through regular & disciplined inspections.
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The description of app by: Agaze Technologies

The ReadyMix corporation handles a large fleet of movable and stationary equipment. The efficiency of the entire operation depends on the right and effective functioning of every part of every equipment. Moreover, the safety of every associated person can be at risk with a defective equipment. ReadyMix ensures the safety and efficiency of every equipment through regular and disciplined inspections and maintenance.
The ReadyMix Mobile App is carried by every operator of any Readymix equipment. The App brings the inspection and reporting to the fingertips of equipment operators. Thanks to the user-friendly Mobile App, the inspections are no more a time consuming and tedious process. The operator inspects and updates the inspection reports at the right time without any hassles.
The App also send immediate notifications to multiple stakeholders of every operation. For example, if a safety defect is entered by the operator, a notification is sent to the Maintenance department and manager.
The App also facilitates quick and effective communication between field staff and office staff. Equipment operators can chat with a supervisor or other concerned personnel for immediate and effective decisions.

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