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Last updated: February 2023

Menstrual and mental health.

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Essence improves well-being, balances hormones and boosts productivity by optimizing tasks, meetings, workouts and nutrition according to the four phases of your menstrual cycle.

Essence is much more than a period tracker - it helps you unlock the hidden superpowers of each cycle phase to work with your periods, not against them. Intelligent task planner helps women* stay organized and focused and most importantly take care of themselves during the cycle. By taking into account the changes in your energy levels and mood swings, the app recommends the best time for performing certain tasks, gives daily insights on workouts and nutrition.

At Essence you can follow expert-led guidance to:
- Get in shape
- Sleep better
- Increase energy level
- Ease anxiety
- Boost efficiency
- Ease PMS symptoms
- Reduce stress
- Improve skin condition
- Balance mood

Essence also provides mindfulness tools, women-focused meditations, breathing techniques, useful tips and insights about how to manage symptoms, such as cramps, headaches, and mood swings, ensuring that you can enjoy a productive and comfortable life during the menstrual cycle.

Essence offers well-being benefits that help companies to be great employers and menstruating people thrive in the workplace. Attract and retain the best diverse talent, boost loyalty and engagement, reduce absence and stress. Contact us to find out about menstrual health policy in the workplace and benefits that employees love -

*When we say women and female, we embrace all menstruating people, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQ+-identified individuals

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Essence Cycle Well-being APK 1.24.26 Update

Welcome! We are happy to introduce you to Essence. We've been working for a long time to help you find a way to unlock the hidden superpowers of your cycle. You'll learn more about your body and mind and build healthy self-care routines.
We hope you enjoy Essence and we will evolve it further together. We are always happy to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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