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MyBudgetQR is a supermarket calculator by using the QR scanner.
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The description of app by: Francisco Javier Garcia Camacho

MyBudget QR is the first mobile application, for Android devices that allows you to create a list of products to buy, scanning the QR codes found on each identifier on the shelves or shelves within a shopping establishment such as supermarkets and with this Know the total to pay before arriving at the checkout or the payment site within the store.

You can enter your budget or maximum value in money that you have available and MyBudget QR will notify you when it exceeds that value. You can check a price at any time without adding it to the shopping list.

It also allows you to remove an item from the list or create a new list and will automatically update the new total. MyBudget QR has voice synthesis allowing to know the product and price as well as the total to be paid, which makes this App very accessible to people with visual disabilities.

Commercial establishments identify with the QR code each site where products of the same brand and same characteristics are located within each store with a QR code. The code provides data to MyBudget QR at the time of capturing the image, such as the price and the description of the product, which at the time of reading or scanning will be used to fill a list that each customer visiting the store can generate according to their purchase intent.

A user of MyBudget QR can plan their purchases within a budget, in turn gives you the assurance that each price marked on the shelves match the prices and offers of the products at the time of payment.

The App can work with Active or silent voice, You can also choose the language, or if you are a blind person you can select it with a button. You don't need to have an internet connection to make it work.

MyBudget QR wants to offer supermarket customers the confidence of a quick purchase and within a planned budget. Avoiding discarding in box, products that the user does not know their price or exceed their budget.

Satisfied customers to know in advance the cost of their purchase.

Agility when paying, less time in line for each customer, since there will be no items discarded by each MyBudget user.

The download and use of the MyBudget App is free, which encourages its widespread use among its customers.

The supermarket has its logo located above and to the right of the Application, without this meaning any cost.

By including QR codes in your establishment you are helping to make social inclusion of visually impaired people.

The funds raised by advertising within the App will help finance the donation in each country of electronic devices of the Braille Hands project. Visit www.commciso.simplesite.com and learn more about this technology for blind people.

QR codes are free to use. To create them you just have a code generator, I recommend the link to which I consider one of the best sites to generate them.


The format is TEXT type, and must have the following characteristics
A Number that indicates the price, a blank space, then the description of the article, followed by a blank space, followed by the symbol / 0 another blank space and finally a character @ followed by a broader description of the article you want to buy or simply a message to your client that will be displayed in the upper left of the App in the form of a message, provided there is an agreement to exploit this form of advertising guideline.

Examples of the QR format to be used in TEXT mode:
5300 Pork Ham / 0 @Excellent offer today
4900 Yellow Cheese / 0 @ We also have White Cheese
3800 Colgate Toothpaste / 0 @ Also take the toothbrush
What's New
MyBudgetQR luce un diseño sencillo, intuitivo, fácil de usar, sólo 4 Botones bastan para que puedas planificar tu compra dentro de un supermercado donde usen nuestro sistema de códigos QR. La App acepta hasta 8 diferentes idiomas. Y características especiales para personas ciegas. En los casos de productos que se calculan según su peso o si lo quiere calcular a partir de una cantidad de unidades lo puede hacer.

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