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  • by KabuWeb
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Aug 04, 2019
Healthy Living Poa.
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Be the best food supplement store with the best products, services and customer service.

Seek the total satisfaction of our customers, ensuring service with professional and technical excellence, providing the best products available in the market, apply fair prices, whether in service in our stores or directly through our website.

Ensure that our customer service, even on the website for electronic purchases, is of the highest standard, offering our contact by phone, whatsapp, chat or email, providing any clarification requested by the customer.

Provide its employees with the best work environment, with opportunities for professional and personal growth through participative management, thus seeking the growth of each, and with it the growth of the business.

Build the Vida Saúde Poa brand as the reference store and standard of excellence on the Internet, increasingly expanding its area of ​​expertise, seeking the best technological tools and the best collaborators to achieve this goal.

A promising future where everything is evolving rapidly, but always anchored by competent and capable people to expand, grow and build new business units, to satisfy more and more customers and employees.

The people who are part of our team in the first place, because without them nothing would be possible.

Customers, our greatest asset, those who support our business and drive our company.

Internal and external mutual respect for the good working environment and negotiations.

Finally, our suppliers, those we choose as trading partners for the excellence of their products.
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