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SAPEPAA; the Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning Advisers Association.

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The SAPEPAA App is the central intelligence tool that powers Australia’s leading Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning Advisers Association. Everyone is welcome to download the app and access up to date information on the industry, news and events. SAPEPAA Board Certified Advisers get special privileges depending on their membership level. Adviser members can access their members area through the app where they will find Industry News, an Adviser Forum, access to Partner Offers, access to Education, Groups and Events.

Over the next thirty years there will be a massive transfer of assets passed between generations - more than $7 trillion - that will have significant tax implications, be litigated against and the subject of disputation. The need for competent succession, asset protection and estate planning advisers to manage this for Australian families is paramount. The competent succession, asset protection and estate planning adviser will bring all their skills and knowledge in these important areas to bear, to bring a strong outcome for clients and their families.
In this vein a number of seasoned professionals have been drawn together to build the SUCCESSION, ASSET PROTECTION & ESTATE PLANNING ADVISERS ASSOCIATION (SAPEPAA). The Association is a not for profit and has built strong competency standards for advisers in each of five areas of advice. SAPEPAA ensures its members, who are certified advisers are the best professionals to provide succession, asset protection and estate planning advice to their family and business clients.

The Association, through its accredited partners shall deliver a strong adviser accreditation program that meets specialist competency standards, provides on-going CPD and creates a community of like advising minds.

SAPEPAA advisers embody the hallmarks of confidence, compliance, empathy, ethics and professionalism.
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