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Game link the mysteries of intelligent variety of amusing and fascinating at different levels to spend wonderful times

offline version of the Bible and of Christian Harp, is not required internet connection for reading (the connection is only necessary if you want to hear a song harp).

To go to the Harp index, activate the application menu and select? Harp ?.

This is the King James Version fully corrected and updated. If you liked the app, leave your comments and note. The application will be constantly updated, so send your suggestion to [email protected]

About Almeida:

A translation by King James is considered a milestone in the history of the Bible in Portuguese because it was the first translation of the New Testament from the original languages. Previously it was assumed that the Pentateuch was translated versions of Hebrew. According to these records, in 1642, at age 14, King James would have left Portugal to live in Malacca (Malaysia). He had joined the Protestantism from Catholicism, and was transferred with the goal of working in the Dutch Reformed Church site.

He knew the Vulgate, as his uncle was a priest. After converting to Protestantism at age 14, Almeida left for Batavia. At 16 he translated a summary of gospels Spanish to Portuguese, which was never published. In Malacca translated parts of the New Testament also Spanish.

At 17, translated the New Testament from the Latin version of Theodore Beza, and has relied on the Italian versions, French and Spanish.

At 35, began the translation from works written in the original language, although it is a mystery how he learned these languages. Used based on the Masoretic Text of the Old Testament and a 1633 edition (the Elzevir brothers) Textus Receptus. Also used translations of the time as the Castilian Reina-Valera. The translation of the New Testament was completed in 1676.

The text was sent to the Netherlands for review. The review process lasted 5 years, and published in 1681 after having been made more than a thousand modifications [citation needed]. The reason is that the Dutch reviewers wanted to harmonize the translation with the Dutch version published in 1637. The East India Company ordered to collect and destroy the defective copies. Those who were saved were fixed and used in Protestant churches in the East, one of which is exhibited in the British Museum.

Almeida himself revised the text for ten years, and published after his death in 1693. As revised, also worked in the Old Testament. The Pentateuch was completed in 1683. There is a translation of the Psalms which was published in 1695, annexed to the Book of Common Prayer, anonymous, but attributed to Almeida. Almeida was able to translate Ezekiel 48:12 in 1691, the year of his death, and Jacobus op den Akker completed the translation in 1694.

The complete translation after many revisions, was published in two volumes, one in 1748, reviewed by own den Akker and Christopher Theodosius Walther, and the other in 1753. in 1819, the British and Foreign Bible Society published a 3rd edition of the complete Bible in one volume.

There are also editions printed in the Danish colony of Tranquebar, dating from 1719 to 1765. These are partial editions of the Bible, which were obtained as auditors finished their work.


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