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Fast, easy, reliable loan place. Solution to your financial problems💰💰.
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The Pedia Loan is recorded in the Financial Services Authority (OJK) based on number S-165 / MS.72 / 2019

Pinjam Pedia - A fast, safe and reliable center for loan information.

What is the Pedia Loan Application?
Pedia Pedia is an online loan information provider platform that can simplify, accelerate and also help your online money loan needs. Information available on the Pedia Loan platform can be displayed as needed. Find and compare all P2P lending products registered or licensed at OJK to find unsecured online loan products that best suit your needs.

Why should you choose Pedia Loans?
1. Unsecured
Pedia loans only show online loans that are safe, easy and reliable for those who need them. All online loan applications that are on the Pedia Loans platform, just by ID card, you can apply for a loan.
2. Easy and Fast
On the Pedia Loan platform, you can make a comparison of loan products, then download the application of your choice and proceed immediately to fill in the required information, after that it will be processed easily and quickly.
3. Customer service
Pedia loans are ready to serve and assist you in how to borrow funds, as well as information about loan terms and questions about online loans. Just contact us.
4. Safe
Pedia Loans will protect all user data SAFELY and CONFIDENTIALLY.
5. Reliable
Pedia Loans are Registered and Registered at OJK. Loan products offered on the Pedia Loans platform are trusted products that have been registered or licensed at OJK.

Key and Featured Features

1. Compare Loan Products
Pedia loans will help you compare loan products, only through filters, you can sort and compare the products you want. Then you will know which products are suitable and meet your needs.

2. Access and search quickly
Pedia loans will help you to find a loan that suits your needs only through the filter. And also allows you to directly access the submission links needed for your chosen product, making you not have to do a lot of effort to compare, find and access the submission process.

3. ACCURATE and COMPLETE Information
Pedia Loans provide fast loan information without collateral, such as the amount of interest, ceiling, tenor, method of submission, payment method and other related information. Through this feature you will get transparency and will be more comfortable and calm before making a submission. Compare all and find your ideal loan loan product.


 Online money loan products: IDR 150,000 to IDR 20,000,000
 Tenor of money loans: 8 days - 120 days
 Interest on loan money: a maximum of 14% / year (APR)
 Other costs depend on the loan product of your choice, between 10% to 15%

Pinjam Pedia also provides fast and fast liquid loan online loan calculations to help you calculate before making a loan application.
Examples of calculation simulations:
 Loan amount: IDR 2,000,000
 Cash loan tenor: 3 months
 Interest on cash loans: 3%
 Cash refund amount: IDR 2,600,000

We only serve Indonesian citizens aged 18 and above.

AYO BURUAN Download the Pedia Loan Application to find out the amount, tenor, and your loan area, admin fees, interest, how to apply, the data needed and the repayment method of each loan product contained in PEDIA LOAN.

Email: [email protected]
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok WD2 No.1-2 RT / 11 RW / 16,
Kelapa Gading Timur,
North Jakarta
021 2245 7612
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