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3.08 for Android 4.0.3 and up and up

cgy co.,ltd.

Nogizaka46 and all members image gallery, 755, link function to the blog, comprehensive possible timeline display of news such as by RSS app

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☆ 12/31 お known ra se
bu ro Corning ta by Prime LITE nn の day respectively ア ー grades イ STAB Baldwin ta nn で, kana ri Xi の STAB ro Corning Ma - de represents で ki ru-yo-u ni na ri ma shi ta. (2011 ha ~)

Full me nn Information found ー の active shi ta Jing Artworks ya portrait · Photo Album, Google understands の ri nn ku ga Hitomi zu ni na ~ te ~ te,
い zu de mo Nogizaka46 me nn Information found ー の ko と wo tune べ ru ko と gaで ki ma si.

Nogizaka large charts KAM wo new ri ni ュ ー ア Hikaru shi ma shi ta.

First Generation Nogizaka large charts ratio discriminator と べ, bu ro gu ta by Prime LITE ga nn represents an element of increase in shi ma shi ta.
Sa ra ni, bu ro gu ri su Suites the lower の 'Japanese do not ア ー grades posted イ bu "Baldwin Tatari nn kara, date wo
to specify shi te bu ro gu wo represent で ki ru yo u ni na ri ma shi ta.

※ present appli wa communication environment necessary desu ga.
※ Old Nogizaka big push Chart Kam で の shi me nn set NADO wa quoted Ji ki san ge ma se. I Circular ご the Order ku da sa i.
※ future, the present appli ga ア ッ pu Dui Suites by Du ー と na ri masu like. Old Nogizaka large Chart Kam の の ア ッ pu future video game ー Suites predetermined wa thou ri ma se san.

Primary na function
· me nn ba ー portrait · Photo Album read you see
· me nn ba ー Proton fu ィ Hikaru detail (automatic update)
· ni ュ ー su, STAB ro Corning wo ta by Prime LITE nn represents (STAB ro gu wa date specified possible)
· メ ni ュ ー screen の ra nn the inter Rousseau background picture

★ make い square
* each me nn Information found ー pe ー ji kara, "me nn Information found ー pu ro fu ィ Hikaru" ya "fu ォ Suites gi ya ra ri have", "bu ro gu" pe ー ji wo representation
· "Nogizaka ni ュ ー su a you see, "" me nn ba ー bu ro gu a When you see "メ ni ュ ー kara wa, each notebook wo automatic Tatari by Prime LITE nn represents
·" Nogizaka ni ュ ー su "which you see の each note ☆ ma have ku wo Tatari ッ pu su ru と, お Genki ni into ri の Notepad と resolved after login possible. Login Notepad wa ta shi "お into Genki ni ri" Stab kara you see may read.
* "Ba ー me nn bu ro gu When you see a" で wa, each me nn Information found ー の ☆ ma have Tatari ッ pu ku wo su ru と, log in to push me nn ga shi possible. "Push me nn shi" Stab Log ni shi ta me nn Information found ー の Minorin by Prime LITE nn Tatari wo representation.
· Ni ュ ー メ nn kara Baldwin ta, ya ki ュ ッ Silicone push me nn shi, bu ro gu ta by Prime LITE nn の line set wo u ko と ga possible.
Silicone ki ya ッ ュ の で wa set, "Web の ki ya ッ Silicone ュ" と "portrait ki ya ッ Silicone ュ" ni su ru set off ga で ki ma si. Special ni "portrait ki ya ッ Silicone ュ" zu ni wa ~ te, those test DANGER large ki ga ku na ~ te shi ma u の で, regular na wo deleted rows ~ te ku da sa i.

☆ future の predetermined
· me nn ba ー fu ォ Suites gi ya ra an have wo added at any time

★ additionally resolved after Mizuho shi い function NADO ga thou DomNode- ba commentary Si ya メ Hikaru kara na san de mo ri ku Ester su to shi te ku da sa i. Mika now で ki ru mo noha function と resolved after n-do-do-san added い ki shi te masu.
What's New
Web page Fixed a bug that can not be viewed on a specific terminal.

Category: Entertainment , Similar

Date published: Jul 25, 2017

Current version: 3.08

Requires android: 4.0.3 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+



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