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describe a form and shape that is not natural and realistic

Abstract art is a kind of contemporary art that represent neither the original object. The selected object usually uses color and form non-representational. abstract term is used specifically to describe the art are like cubism and futuristic.
Abstract painting is a painting that is used to describe a form and shape that is not natural and realistic. This type of painting does not show such a real or that we do not encounter in everyday life. Abstract paintings including a form of work that is full of high imagination and a lot implies a message in it. The artist who made this painting was deliberately looking for the essence of the object to be made, so that the painting looks unique.
How to Understand Abstract Painting
Understanding of abstract painting is not as easy as imagined. In fact, sometimes often lead to debates among many people.
Lots of questions such as: What is this painting? Shape What's this? Looks like a scribble it! Abstract paintings are difficult to understand. Because it is a work of abstract assessment would not propose anything concrete. Therefore, only certain people who like this kind of painting. This impression is also the one who makes abstract paintings seem to belong to the elite and the intellect alone, padah this is not entirely true.
Here are some tips that was launched to help you see the abstract works.
1. There is no code to be solved
Painting or piece of abstract art is actually not a puzzle and must be solved. When looking at a piece of abstract art, begin to take a deep breath and enjoy the color or pattern depicted there. You just have to feel and dive into the mind at the sight.
2. Do not look at the clock
Never think you will understand the meaning of the picture just by looking Are Some times only. For those of you who are first exposed to the new abstract art, may be it will take hours or maybe more.
3. Do not think of the picture, think of something else
Abstract painting can indeed describe many interpretations, but the problem is not right or wrong of the interpretation you. It is more directed to what you imagine when he saw it.
4. Do not panic when the emotions hit
Sometimes the audience of abstract art will drift dive typing the abstract art. Not infrequently some of them to tears and felt very emotional. If it happens to you, do not worry. Connoisseurs of the film was sometimes too would like it. It's just an emotional issue. So, you do not need to be afraid or think a no-no.
5. Read the statement
This method is the easiest method if you do not want to be too hard dive mind of its own. Generally, each abstract works displayed will be given information about the identity and the story of the work.
That's some insight and tips to better understand the art of abstract painting. For you who want to try making abstract paintings, here are some examples:


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