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  • by norsil
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Jan 01, 2017
sample pictures airbrush shirts.
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Several times a post about my Airbrush T-Shirt techniques to give tips on beginning the process from preparation to finishing processes Shirt Airbrush correct and fabrics in need.
The following is an explanation ..
-For Good jersey material wear shirts with cotton 100% because the result will be the maximum, because this material has a tightly knit yarn and absorbs paint well. it affects the image of neatness, sharpness of color, durability and quality of the shirt airbrush itself is a pity when you create the image on the shirt is very nice but the quality of the shirt material is not commensurate with the picture.
- Iron formerly T-shirt that will be in the airbrush for smoothing the surface of the shirt so that fibers and yarns asleep shirt surface will be slippery and smooth
- Expanded the shirt on a plywood board in pieces 1-2 cm wider than the width size T-shirt. any size will be different when following plywood shirt size that will be created. wear plywood or boards with a thickness of 4 milli-meter with a smooth side with sandpaper way in order not to ruin the shirt when installed on board.
-When Shirts have been installed start drawing carefully and safely, check all the tools and textile paint. cleanliness is preferred because of little splashes or spray one is not in place will increase the processing time is not pleasant. start with sketches once could with crayons or directly with airbrush workmanship preceded by bright colors and transparent. sketch function is very vital because it determines the proportion of well construction design object image.
- This is the last when the image has finished created. airbrush shirts dislodged and set aside some time to dry completely, in this case there was some paint in different treatment depending on the type of paint brands in use. There are 2 kinds of paint are treated differently:
To paint is made from the same or almost the same as screen printing materials usually paint should not be on board on the surface of the image with high heat because this paint is sticky when exposed to high heat. This paint would suggest warming from behind the image or the inside of the shirt.
Unlike the paint that is specialized in textile, fabric or airbrush, paint for the finish had to be pressed or ironed at high heat with a heat level to 350 degrees Celsius for 3 seconds. Every surface of the image in a way on tap and in the coated paper between the image and irons. paper in use to protect textiles and images when iron or heat press too hot. when the heat press has completed the picture will be more robust and durable and its surface will be smooth and if the composition of the paint thickness and its texstil good will after the start time has not been in the airbrush texstil material.


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