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Improved Redstone Add-on MCPE APK

1.0 for Android 4.1 and up and up

AnDie Games

This addon changes 18 of the original mobs in MC with new improved redstone mobs

Package name: com.AnDieGames.ImprovedRedstoneAddonMCPE

It includes things such as a fully functional flying chair, helpful turrets but also evil robots who have no other desire than to eliminate players and be the rulers of the world. It’s a really good addon with lots of cool features which will greatly enhance your experience in Minecraft!

New Mobs

Dispenser Robot: Shoots three different types of projectiles (arrows, snowballs or fireballs) at other mobs (not monsters) and players.

Replaces creeper
You can ignite it with flint & steel to transform it into a primed TNT block
Health: 10 hearts
Neutral towards player
Hostile towards hostile mobs

Flying Chair: This is a mechanical chair which can be used by players for riding. A really cool thing is that it can fly! Simply press the jump button while seated to be launched up into the air and then just move in the direction you want to go.

Replaces chicken
Rideable similar to a horse, jump to start flying
Health: 10 hearts

Observer Robot: This mob acts as a guard and will help protect the player against dangerous mobs.

Replaces iron golem
Helps player
Attacks hostile monsters
Explodes before it dies

Once it starts shaking that means it will shortly explode and that you need to get away quickly!

Redstone Turret: If a hostile mob is detected then it will start firing snowballs and arrows at the enemy. It’s very weak though so make sure to place it somewhere mobs can’t reach it.

Replaces snow golem
Health: 2 hearts
Shoots arrows and snowballs

Hopper/Collector Machine: This is a complete new type of machine which works similar to a lawn mower. Even that isn’t a great description.

You can put it on a leash and then pull it after you. It will automatically pick up any dropped items and store it. (iOS / Android: Long press on machine and press Open to access items. Windows 10: Right-click on the machine to access the inventory.)

Replaces wither skeleton
Health: 10 hearts
Collects items

Redstone Destroyer: An enemy robot which will shoot snowballs at its opponent. It will automatically try to ride a Redstone Motor if the difficulty level in the game settings is set to hard.

Replaces skeleton
Health: 20 hearts

Redstone Golden Destroyer: It is similar to the Redstone Destroyer except that it is stronger and shoots fireballs.

Replaces stray
Health: 25 hearts

Redstone Motor: A new type of vehicle which can be controlled by holding redstone or a diamond or iron sword in your hand. You can boost it by tapping with redstone on the ground. If it dies it will explode.

Replaces the witch
Health: 12.5 hearts

Dropper Robot: This robot only appears by giving a Dispenser Robot (creeper) a dropper block. But since the Dispenser Robot is hostile it’s not going to be easy.

However, if you are successful, you will have yourself a Dropper Robot which will trade treasures (such as diamonds and gold ingots) for redstone dust.

Replaces zombie villager
Health: 10 hearts
Feed it redstone to receive valuable items

TNT Anator: This one is a hostile mob which will only spawn in the Nether. It shoots TNTs to attack its targets (which are mostly any living creature) and it is itself immune to TNT.

Replaces zombie pigman
Health: 25 hearts
Hostile, shoots TNTs

Necro Circuit: The Necro Circuit is a hostile mob which can be found flying around in the Nether. It’s very strong and shoots three fireballs at the same time at its enemies.

Replaces ghast
Health: 75 hearts
Hostile, shoots fireballs

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Date published: Sep 09, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Everyone

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