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Various types of artificial fishing bait.
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Along with the development of science and technology, various types of artificial fishing bait has been developed. There is a bait that is purposely destined for fishing in saltwater, but not a few artificial feeds that are specially produced for use in freshwater.
Besides made by the factory, this artificial bait can also be made yourself. In fact we never give a guide making metal jig from spoons here. Interestingly, there are so many different kinds of artificial fishing bait that you can use as needed.
Feed 1: Minnow
This feed is called minnow because its form is made to resemble minnow fish. This lure can be used in fresh and salty waters with effective results, especially to hunt fish that are starving. Minnow feeds are usually made of metal, wood, plastic, or a combination of various materials. There are four types of minnow that is floating type, shallow type, sinking type, and deep type.
Feed 2: Jig
In English, jig means to dance with a very fast rhythm. This bait is called a jig because in its use the bait should be decked out and shaken with rapid movement. These baits are generally made of tin material that has a greater density than iron.
Feed 3: Konahead
The shape of this bait at a glance very similar to the squid. Most appropriate if this bait is combined with trolling techniques. Target fish that are often targeted using konahead bait such as tuna and fish.
Feed 4: Popper
Popper is an artificial feed that can swim in the water surface. Uniquely when this bait is drawn, it will appear typical water splashes. It is claimed to increase the potential of bait eaten by shooting fish. The raw material for making wooden and plastic poppers. Various kinds of popper including chugger, pencil, and stickbait.
Feed 5: Spoon
These baits are generally made of spoons so are called spoon / spun. As time goes by, spoon making is done specifically using other metals, but the shape still retains the initial concept. Spoon includes artificial baits that are flexible because it can be used for surface fishing and ground fish.
Feed 6: Squid
Squid is a tailor made bait for squid fishing. In general, these baits are formed to resemble small crustaceans. Meanwhile, making squid is usually done using a plastic material.
Feed 7: Spinner
Spinner has a rotating part. The main body part is a spoon that comes with feathers. The rotation of the blade can produce a certain buzz of sound or vibration. This is what can attract the attention of the fish around him to come near the bait.
Feed 8: Flies
Flies are bait shaped like insects like flies, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and so on. Many also think that naming flies because these baits can fly over the water then sink again, and so on. This bait consists of hooks and hooks that are fused together. Best suited if you combine this feed with fly fishing fishing techniques.
Feed 9: Froggy
Surely you can already guess if this bait has a form like a frog. Froggy is made of rubber, silicone, wood, or resin. This feed is usually equipped with an open hook. Furthermore, the bait will be played in such a way as to be able to jump on the surface of the water.
Bait 10: Pull
The pigtail feed is a bait equipped with tassels. These tassels are affixed to the top and bottom of tin / iron ballast. It is said that a very potent pellet feed is used for ground fishing, especially in waters with depths located at 10 m below sea level.


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