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  • Updated on: Mar 07, 2019
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Best Makeup Tutorial Step by Step - The shimmer face utilizes bedewed foundations with iridescent and aluminous pencils and crèmes. it is also AN example of light and shading while not the employment of typical contouring product. Here, you'll be able to simply see wherever the sunshine hits your face and people areas come out as a result of the reflective qualities of the makeup.

Also, do not essentially consider this (or the other face) in term of daytime or evening. It's all a matter of application and desired impact.

- Using concealer (only if necessary), spot-touch the face to even place the skin tone.
- Apply highlighter lotion to the face with fingertips or foundation sponge.
- Apply a awfully lightweight application of liquid blush to cheeks and temples, mixing well with the fingers or spherical sponge.
- For the eyes, begin with the emotional dark brown eye pencil. mix into the higher lashes and smudge along with your war paint brush.
- Next, the burgundy crème war paint is applied during a circle the attention with the war paint brush, going the dark brown pencil darkest at the lashline. mix outward during a circular direction.
- The pale beige shimmer powder war paint is brushed on the brow bone. (Incidentally, no brow pencil was used for this exposure.)
- Black war paint is then applied to the highest lashes, burgundy war paint to all-time low lashes.
After lip pencil is employed to outline the form of the mouth, fill in mistreatment an equivalent.
- Shimmery pink lip gloss is then applied as a completion.
For oily complexions use matte foundations and powders, followed by light "powder" to make a bright, however not greasy, look.

Best Makeup Tutorial Step by Step has been writing on makeup tutorial topics for over a year. His recent post is regarding lightweight Eyes Makeup Application Tips.

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