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Tips on taking betta fish:

1. Prepare the container before you buy betta fish. Take the empty bucket and fill it with clean water. Let stand for a while until the water has a temperature equal to room temperature.

2. Add fake rocks and plants into the container. Pour water from bucket into container.

3. Check the water temperature with a thermometer. The temperature should be between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius.

4. Check the difference in water temperature between containers at home with containers from betta fish sellers. Make sure the water temperature of the two containers is not far adrift.

5. Move the hickey into the container carefully. The process of removal is not smooth will make a betta into stress.

6. Eat betta fish with pellets or dried food. Betta can also be fed live food such as mosquito larvae and worms.

7. Clean the betta container at least once a week. Prepare the bucket shelter once you clean the container.

Move the betta into a temporary container using a fishing net.

8. Wash the inside of the container thoroughly with warm water and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Wash rocks and fake plants to remove dirt and mucus.

9. Place the stones and plants back into the container. Recharge the container with clean water.

If necessary, let stand some water to reach room temperature. Move the hickey back into the washed and water-washed container


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