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Last updated: Monday, August 1, 2022

A blockchain party-based RPG, in a fantasy/science fiction setting. Play now!.

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Chain of Alliance game

Compete with your party of heroes against other player’s parties or AI-controlled ones to climb the ladder and to win heroic rewards.

We are opening up the mobile build exclusively to the Badge of Alliance holders!

Game roles
Create and collect fully customizable and progressible hero NFTs and use them in PvP games, story based AI-battles or custom campaigns to earn $COA and heroic rewards to improve your heroes

Own and manage Land by adding fully customizable arenas or other structures that enable special functionalities, which players and creators will be able to rent

Use our API and incorporate our rich lore, customizable heroes, as well as system or player owned Land, to create engaging, story driven campaigns for players
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Chain of Alliance
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