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Last updated: Monday, April 18, 2022

Take control of a long lost forgotten civilization and make it eternal.

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Namaste Master, The king has chosen you as the next heir and given you a crucial task to set up the hub of your civilization somewhere far away from the war.

But enemies and bandits are always there lurking somewhere in the shadows and followed you to the new base but not before you were able to make a new shiny barracks. Now you need to train the soldiers and defend your people, beware they can attack anytime.

Meanwhile, you will be in charge of building a shiny new civilization from the ground up. The land is deserty with a few patches of grass but no worries right beside you is the mighty Indus river, giving your civilization the hope that you can achieve anything.

Will you be able to make a sprawling civilization that will be written in the golden pages of history? Only time will tell but Master, Me, and the king have complete faith in your dedication that you will make the people of the civilization pride their civilization. You will never break their trust.

Experience the 1800 BCE period as it comes to life right in front of you. Feel like a king and act like one. Take decisions that will make your people happy and keep them content. People are the base of any civilization don't disappoint them or they will leave.

You will surely manage. Won't you?
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Indus Builder APK 1.1 Update

Bug Fixes!!
Minor Environment Improvements

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Apr 12, 2022
Indus Builder
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