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Tips for Choosing Clothes Couple Unique

If you have a lover, of course this one is not familiar to you. Yep, dress or shirt couple twins apart often encountered in the twins, it is often also used by couples. Of course, with the size of the larger and more mature. For lovers, wearing a couple can make more confident when the streets, attend official events and celebrate this special day together. But there are still many couples who do not like to wear clothes because the couple was not confident or scared look tacky. Well, for those of you who want to buy clothes but the couple are still in doubt, the following tips on choosing clothes so that you and your spouse couple still look cool, unique and certainly remains confident.
1. Discuss in advance with your spouse
To select clothes couple, it will certainly involve your spouse. It is therefore important to discuss what kind of clothes that would later be purchased to fit the style of each premises.
2. Choose a color that is suitable for use both
If your partner does not like feminine colors such as pink and yellow, then you can choose other colors are suitable for use both. To be more varied, you can use a combination of two colors in one outfit. For example in the clothes there are white and black. To dress color is more dominant guy black alloys, and girls are more dominant with white color.
3. Select a model that is cute and suits the character
For example, for boys and for girls wearing shirts also wearing shirts of the same color, but connected with a skirt that has a motif similar to the clothes the boy.
4. Choose a comfortable material
Make sure you and your partner feel comfortable when wearing the couple. If you live in a tropical environment, choose clothes that are easy to absorb sweat and heat. For example, by choosing clothes that basic ingredients of the shirt. Like shirts of cotton combed the elastin and cool when worn. However, if you live in the mountains or a hobby like mountain climbing with a partner, you can choose a jacket or shirt couple switter as your spouse when climbing activities.
5. The design itself
Designing their own texts or images on clothing couple would add value to the wear. Besides no equal, desainan itself can also further highlight the personality of each couple. But of course there are some things that must be considered in designing. Among others, avoid designs that market and avoid writing too common and words that are too long and full on clothes. Because it can create the impression the market and tacky.


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