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Make a sketch using pencil was tricky.

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The first thing you should do is to make lines, in order to facilitate you in the process of painting. Sketching is the earliest part of almost all of the work of art. Step sketching is also very influential for the later stages, especially in drawing and painting. If the sketches are made not optimal then later after further processing object created will look ugly or awkward somehow shape, proportion, or character. Therefore making sketches of course need to be done as possible.
The first thing you need to know the technique of drawing sketches is the proportion of human facial anatomy. In post how to draw a face nikita willy artist and also on drawing faces a glimpse male artist has been discussed about the anatomy of the face.
As in other fields of equipment or supplies are either very affect the smooth work. In the sketch, too. To make better use pencil sketches that are not too firm. The most commonly used is a HB pencil. Some also use the pencil H is more vague than HB. Pencil density levels usually coded with the letters H and B (H stands for Hard and B stands for Black). Graphite pencil vague coded H and when fainter then added the numbers in front of him as 2H, 3H, 4H and so on. In contrast to B when the more concentrated then added also figure in front of him as 2B, 3B, 4B and so on. To see the levels of density graphite pencil can be seen at the base menggambardengan pencil graphite pencil on the density.
Additionally eraser shavings and a good paper also need to be prepared. Make sure to use good quality eraser and still clean so as not to contaminate the image area. Use a sharp shavings and good quality as if a blunt pencil normally even damage. The paper used is not the paper suggested that unusual but special paper.
To create a pencil sketch should not scrape too hard. A light and thin enough so that when things go wrong it is easier to be removed and corrected. Additionally sketch lines that are too firmly will remain visible when later given a hatch at the stage of drawing berikutanya so even interfere.
one of the tips that are considered important in how to draw a sketch that is about the position of placing sheets of drawings. Based on experience, placing sheets of image vertically so that align with objects drawn better than drawing on the horizontal pedestal. you used to use as the base for drawing boards. When the board is placed vertically and parallel to the object it will be easier to determine the proportion of sketches made in accordance with the object.

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Date published: Oct 29, 2016

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