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Pirate Battle Land : 2019 APK

Pirate Battle Land : 2019.
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The description of app by: Darsa Jagapati

The pirate crew of the ship Black Pearl found the place where a treasure is ancient, but this place is guarded by weird creatures. Your goal in this game is to get to this island and kill all the zombies until you and your pirate crew of the famous Black Pearl will take possession of this much coveted treasure by several pirate teams .

You will discover a hard job in this popular game Pirate Battle Land! It is not only about plundering ships but also attacking small coastal towns or seizing forgotten treasures ... It is this last mission that you will be responsible for filling, but the adventure will quickly turn to the nightmare.

To play, one command will suffice is dragging your finger. Start by engaging your troops with the money available in your coffers. The simple hacker will allow you to start the game. For each level, you will have to overcome enemy waves that will not fail to try to prevent you from passing: select your fighter and position it in front of your enemy. Skeletons and other Zombies would like to make a mouthful of you, so do not be overwhelmed! You have a budget for each step that you can not of course exceed, it's up to you to make it enough! After each fight, recruit more pirates (Recruit) to increase the power of your troop!
Earn a lot of gold and recruit even more pirates!

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