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Last updated: Monday, June 6, 2022

An object-finding game set in the mystical Urajärvi Manor Museum.

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Urajärven Kartanon mysteeri game

Hugo and Lilly decide to have a theatrical performance with their friends. Unfortunately, when guests arrive at their mansion, strange things start to happen. The siblings must solve the mystery of the mansion that haunts them.

The purpose of the game is to show the history of the Urajärvi Manor Museum and the museum's historical objects. All collected items that the player receives from the levels can be seen in the museum. The game encourages people to visit Urajärvi Manor by showing what the manor looks like and how its residents lived. The story of the game takes a little liberty to tell its story but is for the most part true. Visit the museum once you have passed the game to see all the rooms and historical artifacts you have collected during the game. Each level of the game is located in different rooms of the manor as well as in the buildings of the surrounding area. The player can choose to search for all objects or focus on solving the mystery of the manor. Each level has three difficulty levels. The player must find 10 items in the level the first time, 20 times the second time, and 30 items the third time. Each game gives the player one item to the player. Passing all levels on all three difficulty levels is a major achievement to be proud of.
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Urajärven Kartanon mysteeri
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