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cage for your pet bird

It is time for us to pamper the pet bird by giving her a beautiful cage. The cage does not have to be expensive, which is important your bird is comfortable living there. Essentially adjust the design of the cage or cage with the type of bird you have.
Well, talking about the design of a cage or a bird cage, it turns out the types of bird cage has a diverse form. There is a large, small, round, box, prism, oval, and others. All types of cages are scattered throughout the bird market or bird shop. Bird cage is designed in such a way that looks unique and not too mainstream. In fact, we're sure, you've never imagined these cages before. The reason, some types of this unique cage is inhabited by other animals, such as fish.
How can birds be made into a cage with fish? Birds live on land and air, while fish live in water. So, how to unite the two types of animals whose habitats are different from each other?
Nothing is impossible in this world, if humans want to try, they will get results as they wish. So also with the designer bird cage is unique. They are proven able to combine birds and fish in one cage at a time.

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