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Roses are known to symbolize love and sweetness. Roses are lovely plants. They are also refreshing to admire. For those who cannot grow roses drawing them is the next best thing. You can give this drawing to your significant other on a special occasion like Valentine's Day. The steps in drawing a rose are quite simple and easy to follow. Make sure that you read the steps carefully before drawing anything so you can have an image on your mind of how the outcome will look like.

1. The first step on how to draw a rose is to sharpen your pencil. Start by sketching one vertical line which serves as the guide for the stem. You must try to make it straight but not using the ruler at all.

2. The next step is drawing the thorns. Put the pencil at the end of the in a slanting way towards the left side. Then make one line going up however it should be a little curved to the left part. The next step is making a curve going down to the stem. This step creates the spine of the rose.

3. The third step on how to draw a rose is continuing to draw two lines for the sides of the stem. Make a horizontal line with two equal curves inside it. The first curve should be going up and the second curve should be going down. This makes the topmost leaf then from the last point you make a line with one bend. Then continue the bend until it reaches the stem which forms the leaf's shape. You can draw more leaves if you like.

4. The fourth step on how to draw a rose is drawing one line below the middle of every leaf and connecting each of it to the sides of the leaves.

5. The fifth step on how to draw a rose is drawing leaves shaped like bananas starting from the stalk's top part. The next step is making a couple of teardrops above each of the leaves. Make sure to make gaps between each teardrop. Make more teardrops after the first two teardrops.

6. The sixth step is drawing the middle bud of the rose. Make sure that the bud you will make should be a bit open. Lightly shade the petals' edges then you can color it afterwards. You can also smudge the shade to achieve a rustic appearance.

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