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Shopping for the perfect gift for someone might be easy, but what happens when wrapping the gift turns out to be impossible? Well, this may be the reason that wrapping paper is a thing of the past. Most shoppers opt for a gift box instead. There's no wrapping paper involved, which saves you a lot of time while still finding a neat, elegant way to present your gift. DIY gift boxes are easy and simple to make and may even be better than buying a gift box.

Environmentally Friendly
An added advantage is that you are doing your bit to keep the Earth green by recycling paper. If the receiver of the gift is a nature lover, then your best way to show that you know and care about their passions is to make your own gift box.
Making your own gift box gives you a lot of freedom. You can decorate it however you wish and you can customize it according to the taste and likes of the person receiving your gift. This will make the box almost as special as the gift it contains, while at the same time adding a lot of sentiment to it to make sure that the receiver knows that you put a lot of time and thought into it because you care so much about them.
The greatest appeal in making these boxes yourself is that you get to make it personal. It won't just be a box, like all the others that are discarded once the gift is taken out. The way you choose to decorate your gift box can convey a lot to the receiver. You can write on it, add pictures to it, share an inside joke or two, and make the gift giving experience personal and special. While all the other gifts came in generic boxes, yours alone will be unique.

You can create these boxes out of almost anything you find around your house. Most tutorials on the internet will teach you how to use a cereal box to make a gift box. But depending on the size and shape of your gift, you might need to get hold of other cardboard boxes.
This is much cheaper than buying gift boxes from stores as you are using boxes that you already own to make them, and you can decorate them without spending lots of money as well.

then these cute mini gift boxes would come in handy. they are so easy to make and you may only need five minutes to finish one. you can use different colors of paper to make some colorful gift boxes. actually, there are many fancy ones with various colors and patterns available in the dollar store. while thinking creatively, you can make your own boxes for the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries instead of wasting the extra money on boxes from the store. these decorative holders are usually made of paper or cardboard and personalized with colored or printed paper, sticker, marker, glitter, sequins or photographs.

we all love receiving beautiful gift wrapped boxes almost as much as the gift itself. if you are the kind or gift giver who puts a lot of through into making everything perfect for valentine's day, birthday gift, wedding gift box, this application can probably give you an idea or two on how to dress up your gift boxes. gift box designs is a great application to showcase your handmade gift box. so why not try the tutorials in this application and create your very own personalize gift box for someone. these also included a few tutorials to make your own gift box.


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