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Doodle Art is an image made in an abstract with a specific purpose. there are those who make doodle art that have meaning, but there are also those that only express their own hand strokes. generally doodle art is made on plain paper.

Making doodle art is a fun way to express yourself. it's up to what form we will make. besides, doodle art can also help us practice drawing and if the results are good, it can be saved as a design portfolio.

Here are the steps you can follow to make a doodle work:

1. Looking for Inspiration
To make a work, of course we need inspiration, especially if we love beginners. If it is likened to an exam that makes doodle art, we are given two hours, maybe one hour is just to search for ideas.

But, looking for ideas to make doodles is not as difficult as finding ideas for making paintings. You can look for inspiration from anywhere, maybe by looking at the sky, listening to songs, or meditating on the toilet.

But, it's easiest to find inspiration, see other people's work. You observe what doodle they make. Then look for what can be extracted from the work.

2. Free expression
After finding ideas or inspiration, it's time to be creative. Like that was said earlier, doodle art is a free work. So, you are free to make anything in the paper in front of you.

You can mix various shapes in one image. Let's say you will make a person's initial name. Well, from that name, you can add various other images around it.

3. Doodle Art theme
After you express what is in your head, maybe you need to also make a theme. There are several themes that you can choose to make a doodle art.

That's the step in drawing doodle art. for your convenience. This application provides examples of design and easy steps in making doodle art. may be useful.


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