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Experience the all new Learning App, which makes learning interactive and fun!. We have the latest application version and 5 older versions apk available.
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Extramarks makes learning fun!

With Extramarks – The Learning App, there is no dull moment during studies. We make boring concepts come alive through our rich, visual learning journeys. Making use of AR, VR, Gamification and latest graphic and animation techniques, we ensure concept clarity along with exam readiness.

Extramarks has reinvented its look and feel and added a host of new features to bring more fun to learning. You will now get an enhanced learning experience along with in-depth analysis of your performance. A plethora of rich, interactive new learning videos are waiting to be explored. Whether it is homework, self-study, projects, essays, tests, assignments and more, you can find solutions for everything in our visual and exciting learning modules.

India’s Favourite Learning App

In the short span since our launch, the app has been downloaded rapidly, emerging as India’s favourite digital companion. Do you know why? Because –

- We have the largest repository of rich, animated visual learning modules.
- Our solutions cater to all the major boards in India, CBSE and ICSE included.
- From KG to grade 12, we cover the entire K12 spectrum.
- We are the ONLY app providing solutions for ALL subjects and ALL classes.
- All our modules are engaging, interactive fun!
- We create immersive, interactive modules using 2D and 3D animations.
- You can take a virtual tour of a pre-historic site, or see how a heart pumps blood or learn the internal functioning of all gadgets and instrument through life-like videos.

Find all solutions for all subjects like Science, Maths, Social Science, English, English Core, English Elective, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Accountancy, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science (C++ and Python), Informatics Practices, Multimedia Web and Technology etc. Our practice and study material is aligned to NCERT books and coverage of all topics along with NCERT Solutions is provided.

Unique and Wholesome Pedagogy

To make the learning process wholesome and holistic, Extramarks follows the unique pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test.

Learn- Concepts are explained to you in great detail using our rich media-based learning modules.
Practice- You can practice the learnt concepts through a variety of tools and services.
Test- All your knowledge and comprehension is checked through adaptive tests with progressive difficulty levels, and National Level Weekly Tests to create an upward learning graph!

We have exhaustive questions and practice material for you to become confident and exam ready. More than 10 lakh online tests have been taken by our students. With National Level Weekly Tests, now students can check their level of preparation on a national level. We generate instant peer rankings and reports based on these test.

Learning with Extramarks happens in three modes –
- Concept Learning – A quick explainer to help you understand the core concept.
- Detailed Learning – A look into the theory and in-depth explanation of the concept.
- Quick Learning – Capsules and mind-maps for quick revision and retention.

Personalization of Learning Through Analytics-

Based on student activity and performance, we generate extensive intelligence backed reports. Highlights
- Learn about your gap and strength areas
- Get stats on average time spent per question, accuracy, level of mastery, etc.
- Gain insights on highest and lowest scored subject.
- Get instant peer rankings.

Extramarks is a pioneer in bag-less learning! We are the first company to completely digitize schools and classrooms.Our game-changing technology first found application in MES Petambi, Kerala. Asha Byju – Principal of MES Pattambi School, has lauded Extramarks efforts towards improving student outcomes.

Choose your board, class and subject and add some fun to your learning!


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What's New
School vacation mode on? Extramarks ensures that you do not miss out on studies! Update app to make most of your vacation time!
The new and improved National Level Weekly Test Series gives you access to the following benefits -
- Weekly test modules are updated for the current academic year.
- Detailed reports are generated to help identify areas of gaps and strength.
- Insights generated on parameters like accuracy, time allocation, and question-wise, topic-wise and difficulty-wise analysis.
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