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Last updated: Thursday, January 12, 2023

Find and save everyone who is missing from garten of banban horror friends.

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Escape Garten of Banban game

The Banban And Friends Gang are the stars of the Garten of Banban! They are always there to make sure nobody feels lonely or left out. Kids love the Garten Banban because of these fun and friendly characters.

Discover the amazing characters of Garten of Banban! 👉 Now you can play one of the coolest Friends games! Let’s join and become the king of the Garten of Banban! I hope you are 🎉 entertained by this game 🎮

Come visit the Garten of Banban and make new friends! Join Banban and the Friends Gang as you explore the fun and exciting kindergarten. But be careful, there are some mysterious things happening at the Garten of Banban. Can you solve the mystery and find out what happened to everyone?

The Garten Banban was once the best place for kids to learn and play. But one day, everyone disappeared! Now it's up to you to discover the truth behind what happened. Don't worry, you won't be alone on your adventure. You have a special flying companion to help you explore the Garten of Banban. Fly around with your drone and let it keep you company as you search for clues. Who knows what you might find at the Garten Banban?
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Escape Garten of Banban
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