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Here are 6 Tips on How to Take Care of Chef's Fish

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Chef's goldfish is one of 500 species of goldfish. Other varieties that dominate are Calico, Black Moors, Shubunkin, Ryukin and others. The goldfish live in tropical and subtropical climates with a temperature range of 4-32 degrees Celsius. The average goldfish can live between 5-10 years. This fish has a tremendous appetite, the food you give can be devoured out in an instant.
The goldfish though very popular but it is very easy to get sick. This fish is very sensitive to changes in the environment it lives in.

Want to keep goldfish, here are tips on caring for goldfish.
Place In The Right Place

Most of the chef's goldfish lovers will put this gorgeous fish in a glass of glass. Usually placed in that place because it gives an artistic impression. Though glass glass is not the right choice of containers to care for goldfish fish. Glass glasses are usually small size makes the volume of water that is accommodated not too much. Although it looks good, the container is too small even for just one goldfish. The cook's goldfish needs sufficient oxygen on the surface of the water, then the small size of the glass reduces the amount of oxygen that the goldfish needs. Aquarium is the right choice if you want to keep goldfish. Its wide surface can make the goldfish chef get the air on the surface of the water.

Install the Aerator in the Aquarium

With the correct selection of containers in the form of aquarium then you need Aerator to take care of your goldfish fish. Aerator has the main function is to drain the air into the water. So the amount of oxygen in the water will increase. In addition Aerator also serves to make the water as flow, this can make the fish into a cassette in the natural habitat.

Add Water Filter to Aquariumu

Caring for the goldfish needs clean water. Clean water makes goldfish chefs become healthy and protected from various diseases. Add a water filter so your aquarium water is kept clean. In addition you also do not need to often change your aquarium water.

Eat Once a Day

As we already know, the goldfish is a type of fish that hooked once to eat. Even so to avoid obesity in the fish, you just feed him once a day only. In addition to avoiding obesity, feeding once a day also to menjada water ecosystem in order to stay awake, because the more eating more dirt issued by the fish will cause the quality of water will decrease. Avoid also giving night when the night because at night bacteria multiply faster. The preferred feed of goldfish is Pellet, blood worm, waterworm silk worms and so forth.

Add a Dim Incandescent Lamp

The addition of lights has the main purpose to make the aquarium look beautiful when the light is dim. In addition, dimmed incandescent lamps can deliver heat well and are more efficient in electricity usage. Do not use incandescent light bulbs which are bright white, because they will conduct excessive heat.

Put Pebbles At The Base Of The Aquarium

Pebbles can make the aquarium look more beautiful. Gravel is better than placing coral reefs, gravel will not affect the acidity of water, while coral reefs can make the water aquarium becomes acidic. Water that is too acidic can interfere with the health of your goldfish fish.

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Date published: Sep 03, 2017

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