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Graffiti is graffiti on walls that use the composition of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to write certain words, symbols, or sentences. The tools used in the present are usually spray cans. Before spray paint is available, graffiti is generally made with a brush of paint using a brush or lime.

The habit of painting on the walls stems from primitive man as a way of communicating poaching. At this time, grafitty was used as a means of mysticism and spirituality to evoke the spirit of hunting.

The development of art in ancient Egypt also shows the activity of painting on the walls of the pyramids. This painting communicates another realm that a pharaoh (Pharaoh) encounters after being mummified.

The activity of graffiti as a means of showing dissatisfaction began only in Roman times with evidence of a satirical painting of government on the walls of the building. This painting is found in the ruins of the city of Pompeii. While in Rome itself is used as a propaganda tool to discredit Christian adherents who at that time banned the emperor.

The existence of social classes that are too far apart cause difficulties for certain groups of people to express their artistic activities. As a result some individuals use means that are almost available throughout the city, ie walls.

Art education that causes less objects that often appear in graffiti in the form of writings or passwords that only understand certain groups. Usually this work shows dissatisfaction with their social circumstances.

Although graffiti is generally destructive and leads to high maintenance costs for urban cleanliness, graffiti remains an artistic expression that must be respected. There are a lot of famous artists who started his career from graffiti activities.


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