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타이탄의 명언들 APK

An indie game of indeterminate value.
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The description of app by: (주)아이티스노우볼

A few years ago, the game was witch hunted with 'drugs' as one of the four evils.

Nowadays, games are called "diseases" and gamers should be sent to the hospital.

To me, games are not drugs or diseases

It was a resting place for tired lives,

It was a 'gift' that gave a new experience.

In this game, I have about 60 people who think that I am a giant.

I came to think of this idea when I read the book titled 'The Titans of xx'.

It is not a high-quality game. Graphics are not gorgeous games either.

It is not a very fun game either. I still think it's a game worth taking.

This game is a 'self-development game' and a 'indefinite indie game'. And it is recommended for such people.

1. Indie GameMania
2. Those who want to play games together while studying
3. Some famous names are memorized and want to live
4. Sometimes you want to get strength in the game when life is difficult
5. Who is looking for a long-term indie game?
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- 배너광고 코드 변경
- 배너 및 리더보드 유니티에서 강제 로그인 시도
- itsnowball logo 스플리쉬 이미지 테스트
- 도감에서 영웅>타이탄 으로 수정

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