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Last updated: Sunday, January 15, 2023

Progressive Rogue-like Turn-based Deck Building Game.

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Lost Pages - The First Cycle game

*** Google Indie Game Festival (South Korea) 2022 Winner (TOP 3) ***

Official Forum: https://lostpages.app
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/wUE3PX69bX

Lost Pages is a game with a unique gameplay that features a completely new type of turn-based deck building system. It's unlike any other card game where you simply draw cards randomly and play them each turn by consuming energy.

In Lost Pages, the player draws random elements (fire/water/earth/air) instead of normal cards. This unique system significantly reduces the element of luck and allows the player to impact the game's result through strategy and skill. The "Ether Element" system drives the player to build a compact deck, and based on the amount of Ether Elements, the player can play many more spell seals.

Lost Pages has overwhelming numbers of spell seals, relics, and runes compared to other deck-building games. These aspects will develop as the player progresses and ultimately provide a myriad of memorable gameplay experience.

Lost Pages is updated regularly, and only a handful of players have made it to the end on the highest difficulty.

Experience the ultimate deck-building system and become one of the first players to clear the game!

Main Features:
• Unique deck-building system.
• An epic narrative based on the birth of the moon.
• Different maps, monsters, and rewards for each run.
• Limitless synergy with hundreds of spell seals, relics, and runes.
• More than 20 different types of “meta” deck trees. (Attack deck, fire deck, wound deck, gold deck, expire deck, etc.)
• Up to 46 difficulty modes.

Contact email: lostpages@jiffycrew.com
Privacy Policy: https://www.jiffycrew.com/privacy-en
End User License Agreement: https://www.jiffycrew.com/eula-en
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Lost Pages - The First Cycle APK 5.7.9 Update

- Modified the 21st portal level option, (at the start of turn-> at the start of battle)

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Lost Pages - The First Cycle
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  • 3.9 [ 1.51K+ ]
  • 100K+ downloads