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Last updated: Thursday, December 29, 2022

Fight For Honor.

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Shadow Slash - Swordsman game

Are you ready for a new 2D stickman game and experience the journey to become a shadow legend – master of martial arts with your character? This is a free offline game where you can join exciting battles. Use ingenuity to control your character to fight the enemy. Upgrade your weapons, win all the stickman battle and become the martial arts master Shadow Slash.
There are many types of weapons that can be used. So you can choose your favorite weapon in the martial arts journey. There are weapons such as single-blade, double-blade, sword, double-sword, spear, and gauntlet. All weapons will come with special combat skills. Use weapon abilities to your advantage in shadow missions to level up your belt to the ultimate realm.

Collect a full variety of weapons to get the best performance in missions. This is an extremely thrilling game, you need to have the right strategy for each of your missions.

★★★ Features ★★★
Use your control skills and support weapons to complete the mission. Enemies are getting more and more powerful. Be highly focused to be able to rise above all to become the strongest.

Collect and use soul stones when killing enemies to upgrade your character stronger. Random combinations of costumes and weapons will give you a unique character of your own.

Shadow Hustle - Stickman Battle has 15 fascinating levels! You need to complete missions to level up your belt. Each mission you will have to confront 1 martial artist of the same level. Overcome all to become the legend of the shadow.

Everyone can play this.
Move left or right to attack enemies.
Black dot is enemies out of attack range and white dot is enemies within kill range. If you miss a move, you will be stunned and this will be the enemy's chance. So be careful in the moves so as not to make mistakes.

Non internet to playing game! This game is FREE!
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Shadow Slash - Swordsman
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