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Puzzben - Puzzle "AIUEO" That is Japanese - APK

1.1 for Android 4.1 and up


If you play this puzzle game you can learn Japanese hiragana and katakana.

Package name: com.KazukyLab.Puzzben

【How to operate the game selection screen】
· Hiragana's "AIUEO"
· Katakana's "AIUEO"
· Hiragana's "GAGIGUGEGO"
· Katakana's "GAGIGUGEGO"
Choose the game you want to play from.
The level of the game is indicated by the star mark in the game selection.
If you are new to Hiragana or who is not good at Hiragana please choose level 1 to level 2.

【How to operate game item selection screen】
If you choose the game you want to play from the game selection screen, you can use items that can dominate the game.
· Game Score Up: You can receive more game scores than normal.
· Game coin up: The coins of the game can be obtained at the end of the game according to the number of puzzle deletion (hit points) in the game. I get more game coins than usual.
· Game time up: 1 game is 60 seconds, but using this item will be + 5 seconds.
· Increase number of sweet puzzles: Sweet puzzles appearing during the game appear more than usual.

【How to operate puzzle game】
1. Normal mode
When you start the game, a puzzle will appear. When all the puzzles appear, puzzles to be erased (hereinafter referred to as "problem puzzles") are displayed in large circles on the screen. You can get points by erasing the same puzzle as this problem puzzle.
You can erase multiple puzzles by dragging puzzles of the same color using the words of this problem puzzle as keys.
The sweet puzzle can be erased at any time regardless of the problem.
With the sweet puzzle as a key, you can erase multiple puzzles by dragging problem puzzles.

2. Bonus time
When you delete the puzzle, the bonus gauge displayed below will increase.
When the gauge gathers up, the bonus time begins.
During the bonus time all puzzles can be erased regardless of the problem. You can delete multiple puzzles of the same color by dragging them.

3. About combo
If you erase the puzzle within a predetermined time from the problem display, the count of erased combos will rise. Wrong puzzle, erase the puzzle outside the prescribed time, the combo is reset and counts from 1.
During the bonus time, you count even outside the prescribed time.
Combo will be added as a bonus point at the end of the game.

【What's PAZZBEN?】
The first "Puzzben" series playing and studying, "AIUEO" puzzle game. "Puzzben" is the concept to study while playing games.

【About the game】
It is a Japanese puzzle game "AIUEO". It is a 50-character puzzle game of Japanese hiragana and katakana.If you play this puzzle game you can learn Japanese hiragana and katakana.
If you turn on the sound, all Japanese voices will flow. You can learn words and reading naturally.
Because the game has features such as quiz elements, combo and chain, you can get various effects such as reflexes and concentration improvement besides learning words.

People who study Japanese will be able to study while playing.
In Japan, I use hiragana and katakana, kanji, romaji(alphabet). We mainly use Roman alphabet and katakana, hiragana in the menu and signboard of the shop, so if you master you will be more fun when you come to Japan.
For example, McDonald's "Cheese Burger, Coca-Cola" is written as "チーズバーガー、コカコーラ" in Japanese stores in katakana.

【All you can play for free】
The game is an advertisement type, there is no paid content at all. Since your child will not accidentally purchase paid charges, you can play with confidence.

Japanese study
Voiced sound
Kill time
Brain training
What's New
Onomatopoeia is now displayed when puzzle ball is erased. It is the addition of animated characters.
Adjust game balance.

Category: Puzzle Games , Similar

Date published: Sep 02, 2018

Current version: 1.1

Requires android: 4.1

Content rating: Everyone