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Statue Destroyer Free APK

Destroy a Statue Using Tank.
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The description of app by: Daniel Christian

You are a Blue Tank who try to destroy a Statue inside the map. To reach the Statue you'll need to destroy the wall which is prevent you to get near the Statue. You will be given ammo to shoot on The Statue, and The Wall. But Be careful, There are also Red Tank as the protector of the Statue which is trying to destroy you. The red tank will always re-spawn.

There are :
- 8 Maps, To unlock each map you'll need to finish the Objective.
- 2 Types of thank, Blue Tank as player and Red Tank as enemies.
- 2 Things can be destroyed Blue Box and Gold Statue.
- 3 types of ammo, to destroy box, statue and kill enemy.
- 2 area to reload your ammo, and restore your health.

Can you kill and destroy every single of them??
What's New
- Tutorial when loading
- Hint when playing

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