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Last updated: Thursday, January 19, 2023

Your journey as a Kryptomon trainer begins with a hunt... on Earth!.

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Every full moon, the barriers between Earth and Kogaea grow thin, resulting in the appearance of alien items unique to the Kryptomon world, in various locations on Earth.

Armed with their trusty Kogaean detector, Professor Koa's final legacy to the human race, this phenomenon has seen the birth of many of the strongest Kryptomon trainers today. Race against thousands of trainers all around the world to find supply boxes, Kogaean currency and even Kryptomon eggs in this monthly event!


Using Professor Koa's Augmented Reality - Kogaea (ARK) system, you'll see Kogaean items right there in front of you. Fulfill your destiny as a Kryptomon trainer... all while getting in a healthy evening stroll in the park.


Both our games - Pink Moon and Kryptomon Genesis are interconnected: Items found in this one will carry over and appear in your inventory in the other. Stock up on those free potions and supplies, you'll need it when entering the magical world of Kogaea!
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Kryptomon: Pink Moon APK 1.0 Update

Fixed issues with map zoom
Resolved a bug with registration
Mystery boxes should no longer spawn in bodies of water
Added street names to the map
Increased the size of the mystery box indicator
Support for non-AR capable devices added
Fixed issue related to constant refreshing

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Kryptomon: Pink Moon
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