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How To Choose Hair Color

Choice of Blond Color Correct Color Skin
If you see the color of blonde or blonde hair, it turns out really cool. Although very eager, there is one thing that makes this woman's hair is not many women in Indonesia: less suitable with skin color. Here, the color of blond hair is not yellowish or white like gray.

Blond Hair Color

Many variations right? In order to look 'connect' with the overall appearance, find out first the right blonde color for your skin. Read the guide in this article.

Bright Skin

If you are light-skinned, the platinum blonde will definitely look great. Especially if you have pale white skin, platinum blonde color will be a nude hair color that fits you because it is similar to skin color. You can also choose the color of golden blonde hair or strawberry blonde to give a touch of color to pale light skin. If you want a darker blond variation, you can choose sandy blonde hair color, which is blonde with colors like sand, and bronde (mixture of brunette and blonde).

Medium / Suntanned Skin

This is the color of skin that many Indonesian women. Do not pessimistic puru can not try this hair color. Do you know? Got this skin color somewhat lucky, because almost all the blond colors will match. Blonde platinum, blond honey (blonde honey), golden blonde, rose gold blonde (which will be trendy this year!) Also still 'entered' on your skin. If you're still convinced of this keyword: golden and brownish. Blonde hair color with a touch of two colors will give a brighter facial effect.

Dark Skin

Exotic dark skin will look more radiant with a choice of blond hair with a brownish and golden elements. You can choose blond color with color honey, caramel, or amber. If you want a brighter color, what do you choose blond alloy with beige ash history.


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