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In general, some women would just really like lipstick, which is a complementary make-up woman. Typically, the lipstick is used with 1 to 2 colors. But it turns out, lipstick also has a unique variation models and different shapes.
Beginning in 2016 into a new beginning in the world of cosmetics. Now, the shape of lipstick can be used as a unique variation and funny. In general, women wear lipstick with a single color. However, this unique form of lipstick can match with a variety of colors.
Today, the discoveries and innovations lip makeup products continues. Not only is the color, the unique shape is also the main attraction.
1. Glow in the Dark
Lipstick can emit colored neon light effects in the dark.
2. lip Stamp
Actually lip This stamp is another form of a lipstick applicator types of lip tint (coloring the lips lightly textured and more liquid than lip gloss).
3. lip Plumper
Want to have the shape of the lips supple and sexy without surgery or injections, lip plumper could be a solution.
4. lip Sticker
Resembling a sticker that has been shaped lip with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures.
5. Gel Lip Tattoo
Lip tattoo Korean textured gel is quite a unique occurrence. Besides, without a needle applicator like the tattoo process in general, gel tattoo is fairly applied by smeared.
6. Magic Lip Balm
Not wanting to appear menor and overkill for everyday makeup? Try lip balm magically able to issue a reddish hue, of pH levels on the skin surface lip. Formula color reveal its complex containing p / H exadecene copolymer (pH enhancer), microcrystalline wax, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, and the moisturizer is able to make the lip surface emits a reddish color pigments naturally tub Korean artists.

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