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1.1.2 for Android 2.3 and up

Magical Egg 2

Surprise a lot of, waiting for you to play ~

Package name: com.Magical_Egg2.Egg44

This is a click surprise entertainment game.
Each casual children surprise game, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!

Eggs, also known as egg, birds, reptiles and amphibians born with a hard shell of the egg after fertilization can hatch a small animal for human consumption for thousands of years of history. Protected by the egg shell, and among the white and yolk are wrapped in various films.
Egg yolks and whole eggs store large amounts of protein, choline and other nutrients. Therefore, the United States Nongye Bu eggs defined as meat in the diet pyramid.

The most common of human consumption of eggs is eggs (aka chicken), other more often for food have duck eggs, quail eggs, goose and so on.

Complete eggshell eggs round one big, one small, accounting for about 11% to 11.5% of the total volume of the egg. Eggshell membrane can be divided into upper case, lower case leather, gas chamber. The main component of egg shell calcium carbonate, about 91% to 95% by weight of the entire shell. Its calcium composition and pearl oyster, bone, dried fish the same, is a good source of calcium. In addition, the shell still contain approximately 5% of magnesium carbonate, and calcium phosphate and 2% gum.

The shell membrane: the egg shell on the outside, a layer of opaque, unstructured film; role is to prevent water evaporation eggs.
Shell under the skin: the shell inside the film, co-Layer; air freely through the membrane.
Chamber: lower floor housing gap between the skin; if the egg is lost gas, the gas chamber will continue to increase.

Protein is a gelatinous substance under the skin in the case of semi-fluid volume about 57% -58.5% of whole egg. Protein contains about 12 percent protein, mainly proteins. Protein also contains a certain amount of riboflavin, niacin, biotin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances. Protein coagulation temperature was about 80 ℃. Protein concentration was divided into protein, lean protein.

Concentrated proteins: close to the part of the yolk protein, a higher concentration.
Lean protein: protein near the shell portion, more dilute concentrations.

Living yolk more central protein by lacing suspended poles. Yolk by volume about 30% to 32% whole egg, the main components of the material vitellin, additional fat content of 28.2%, fat mostly of a lecithin phospholipids. Respect for human nutrition, egg yolk are rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, and contains high iron, phosphorus, sulfur and calcium and minerals. Yolk of embryos within the disc. If the fertilized egg has about 21 days after the chicks will hatch. Coagulated egg yolk at a temperature of about 70 ℃.

Blastoderm as a white dot the surface of the egg yolk, egg fertilized embryos disc diameter of about 3 mm smaller unfertilized egg blastoderm.

This is a very educational game, one egg is a very healthy food, when you play this application time, but also can learn the important value of eggs, there is a growing need for us food we apart from eating, but also learn how to produce eggs, with this game and Education merger application, just that you need, quickly download and play, and after all, there is a special surprise for you too! ! !

Play Introduction:
* Constantly click eggs
* Collect all the different pictures
* Get the best surprise

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Date published: Dec 07, 2017

Current version: 1.1.2

Requires android: 2.3

Content rating: Everyone




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