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Last updated: December 2022

FX-Racer Unlimited. High level competition racing game.

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Fx Racer game

Compete in the world championship along 18 circuits. In just 45 MB

Career options
Select your strategy for each race. You can select the type of tire you want to mount at the start of each race and when performing the PitStop (Super soft, soft, medium, hard, Intermediate and Extreme rain)
Each tire has particular characteristics in terms of grip, maximum speed and wear.

Configure your car
Full configuration of car settings. Engine power adjustments, transmission adjustments, aerodynamics, and suspension adjustments.
These adjustments affect the behavior of the vehicle. Both in acceleration at top speed and in tire wear.
Try all kinds of settings to find the most suitable for each race.

Car improvements
Earn credits by racing in the championship or sprint races to make up to 50 upgrades on each of the cars and increase your race performance.

Changes in the weather during races
The weather will change during the race and we will have to adapt the strategy to the circumstances that occur during the race. From sunny weather to heavy rain

Qualifying race
We will be able to run the qualifying race before the championship races to establish our place on the starting grid.
We can also run without qualifying. In this case our position will be random.

Training race
We will have the option of training in each circuit of the championship. Where you can try different configurations in our car.
At the end we will have a table of results where we can compare the results of each lap and configuration.

Quick career mode
Apart from the championship. In this mode we can race on the desired circuit and quickly get credits to use them to make improvements to the cars or acquire new cars.
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Fx Racer APK 1.3.3 Update

DRS available from the second lap.
More competitive AI at the start and improvement in the selection of your tires.
New Mexico circuit for fast race mode.
New system of unlockable achievements and emblems.

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Updated on
Dec 18, 2022
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5.1 and up
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Released on
May 26, 2015
Fx Racer
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  • 4.2 [ 76.66K+ ]
  • 5M+ downloads