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One of the most favored men's suits is a shirt that was once synonymous with work clothes because it seemed so formal, especially a neutral colored shirt like black, white, brown, and gray. But now the shirt has been widely used on several occasions or events other than to work, for example for recreation, going to college, or other casual events.

Unfortunately most men tend to pay less attention to appearance, but as well as women, appearance is also very important for men. Men tend to choose comfortable clothes regardless of their appearance in keseluruan, but clothes are part of the personality of someone who has a distinct impression in the eyes of others who interact with it.

A good outfit will certainly give a good impression as well, as well as shirts, there are some things to watch out for when you will wear a shirt. Because although now in practice shirts can be used on various occasions or events, do not get your wrong costume. Here are the things to keep in mind when you will choose a shirt in order to perform more leverage:

Select Collar Face Forms

In order to look more proportional, choose a shirt that matches your face shape. For those of you who have a round face shape, it is recommended that you choose a high-collared shirt that is not wide. Collar with a model like this is perfect for you because it gives a high impression on your neck. As for you who have a tapered face shape, it is recommended that you choose a low-collared shirt.


Good Material

Choose a shirt with materials that make you feel comfortable. You can choose a cotton shirt that 'adem' in the skin and easy to absorb sweat so that in addition you do not easily feel hot, you also do not have to be afraid of skin disease easily caused by sweat is prickly heat. You can also choose a polyster shirt that is not easily wrinkled, so that your appearance can look neat all day.

It would not hurt if you have some shirts with neutral colors with a rather expensive price made from premium that is thicker and not easily wrinkled as a form of investment in your appearance. Instead you choose a cheap shirt that is easy to tangle and thin material that is easily damaged so you have to spend more money to buy a new shirt just because the use of a short and not durable.

Appropriate Skin Color

Avoid using dark shirts if you have dark skin, because it will make your appearance becomes less attractive because your skin color will impress 'drowned' with the color of the shirt you wear. Instead, choose bright colors like white, ivory white, beige, light blue, green toska, and maroon, because by wearing these colors will make your skin look brighter.


Shirt for dark skin

If you have white skin, then you do not have to worry about choosing shirt colors again, because white skin matches wearing any color so you are free to choose the color you want. Especially during the day, you should use a shirt with bright colors to give the impression of energetic and dynamic as pastel colors are now being favored by the men and women.

Match Body Size

To get an eye catching appearance, then choose a shirt that suits your body size, do not wear a shirt that is too big because it is less pleasing to the eye or a shirt that is too small because it will make you feel uncomfortable because of tightness in the body, especially if buttoned your shirt up Sticking to the surface because the shirt is too narrow, you can be the talk of others.

There is a way to find out whether or not the size of the shirt with your body, pay attention to the line stitching line on the shoulders, if the line fits on the tip of your right shoulder and the shirt fits in your body. Also make sure the shirt is not bulging when put into the pants, when buttoned the material is not interested out, and collar shirt hands fall right at the base of your wrist.


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