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Bonsai means “tray planted” in Japanese. It is the art of miniaturizing plants in containers strictly for aesthetics and it has been practiced for centuries. The true bonsai hobbyist will create a landscaped environment in the container, which adds to the plant’s charm.

Flowering bonsai plants require regular watering, feeding, training and pruning like other ornamental and flowering plants. They’re grown in small containers and are trained with wire coils to induce their desired shape and structure.

Within that framework, 3 major components are crucial:

Container Selection
Positioning Within the Container
Plant Variety

The container could be anything whimsical or attractive. However, most bonsai hobbyists select a container with an Asian or Eastern flair. Often, something with a pagoda, colored pebbles, a tiny park bench and other elements that make up a mini landscape is used. The creation of a miniature garden also enhances a bonsai’s allure.

Within the world of bonsai, there are four distinctive sizes: miniature, small, medium and average. The miniatures, usually included in landscaped displays, may reach two inches high at maturity, about five years old. Small plants range from two inches to six inches high and take from five to ten years to mature. The medium sized bonsai will grow to between six and twelve inches in about three years. An average size bonsai can grow as tall as two feet high in about three years.
In Japanese, bonsai comes from the word that means the pot and bon sai which means the plant. The harmony between the pot and the plant is one of the main elements in addition to other elements such as a large trunk, tree height, spread of the roots, branches, twigs, large leaves, fruits or flowers. Overall a bonsai is a miniature of the great old trees in the wild enhanced. Moreover, a bonsai symbolizes the harmony of the universe whose main element is composed of: heaven, earth and man. This is reflected in the form of bonsai which always is an asymmetrical triangle.
The highest point of bonsai symbolizes the sky, symbolizing the earth's lowest point while the middle symbolizes man. This is very different from the plants grown in pots are often only highlight the beauty of the color or shape of the leaves, flowers or fruit without regard to the overall harmony of harmony between the plant and the plant itself to the pot.
Bonsai is one of the art
Bonsai is also one of the art of pruning or tree to grow stunted, miniature or dwarf as well as through the training process (process penyempurnakan tree form). Training is crucial and basic techniques in the process of making bonsai tree continues throughout life. Therefore, to obtain a perfect bonsai requires a relatively long time (many years). Moreover, it also requires creativity, patience, perseverance, and love of the creators of the plant as a major cornerstone in the creation and care of bonsai.
Keep in mind, the dwarf in the art of bonsai has a broad sense. Each type of plant has different restrictions stunted. It could be 1 meter high plants categorized dwarf and whose height is only 0.5 meters is not categorized as a dwarf. So, dwarf in the art of bonsai is a plant that has the appearance of a more dwarf / petite than the original plant.
Plants are made into bonsai trees generally have a hard boundary (woody), fruit trees and occasional blossoming tree. Artistic effect of the bonsai is usually seen on the balance of the size of the stems, leaves, twigs, flowers or fruit and a pot used. Therefore, the pot used to be the supportive atmosphere of plants or trees. In addition, a good bonsai should be placed outdoors (out door) throughout the year.

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Date published: Jul 17, 2017

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