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Last updated: Monday, October 31, 2022

In the future, robots will fight for survival instead of humans!.

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Trash Battler game

A real fighting robot can be assembled from any garbage.
No matter what you take into battle with you - a washing machine, an iron or even a plunger - everything will come in handy.
Crush enemies, make your way through apocalyptic ruins, pick up everything you consider valuable, but remember - the main thing is to get to the end of the level faster than your robot, assembled from garbage, falls apart.
Game Features:
• Your own engineer: Build a fighting robot out of trash and upgrade it with hundreds of new parts to create an invincible death machine.
• Unlock hundreds of different hulls, guns and gadgets. Everything will fit!
• Pass through ALL abandoned cities from ocean to ocean

Download the game for free and become the winner in the Trash Battles!
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Oct 31, 2022
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Aug 3, 2022
Trash Battler
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  • 1.0 [ 7+ ]
  • 500+ downloads