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Almost every woman has a few shades of lipstick that complements her hair, complexion and wardrobe wonderfully. Some shades of lipstick seem to always be available, but for some of us women who have trouble finding that chemically-friendly lipstick shade, it's a well-known outright catastrophe when we suddenly discover one of these shades has become one of the discontinued lipstick colors. This usually happens when the lipstick manufacturer adjusts their line to coordinate with the new season of fashion colors. What to do, what to do?

The best approach to avoiding this problem is to stock up on your absolute favorites. If you buy a lipstick that works well for you and your wardrobe, you want to stock up on that shade as soon as possible. Watch for sales - a lipstick on sale may be a clue that your lipstick is heading for the discontinued lipstick colors category, never to be found again. If you buy three or four at a time, at least you'll feel assured that you'll have enough time to find some new favorites before that color is discontinued.


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