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Parcheesi Classic is one of the most famous and best board games

Parcheesi Classic is on of the best board game
Parcheesi classic, or Parchis classic is a board with played on a board with a shape of a cross Around which are placed boxes 4 groups of 4 pieces of a different color are used for each of them.

In Parcheesi Classic each of the four players uses the group of coins of one of the colors, but one can also play games with just 2 players.

In Parcheesi Classic there are also four spaces outside the course of the race and each of the respective color of each group of rooms or houses where each player keeps the pieces that are not yet incorporated into the game.

Goal of the game:
In Parcheesi Classic, or Parchis classic board game the winner will be the one who manages to introduce before each of his coins into the respective final box.
Players roll the die in turn.

In Parcheesi classic, usually, we draw lots with the die to find out who will be the first to start playing.

In Parcheesi classic board game ,from the one starting the turn will move from one to the other from right to left.

In Parcheesi Classic you can have 2 different boards to choose from, classic wood board, and plain white.

Note we are trying to produce online version of this game very soon


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