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2.4 for Android 4.1 and up and up

Pinya Games

Every single picture can be found in this gallery. Every single one.

Package name: com.PinyaGames.InfinityGallery

The Infinity Gallery is the biggest collection of pictures in the world, for a very particular kind of pictures. All of them are 64 by 64 pixels and in grayscale, using 64 shades of grey, white being the first and black the last.

The reason the Infinity Gallery is so big is because it contains every combination possible of this finite number of pixels and gray tonalities. Exactly 224576 pictures. You’ve read this number quite fast, and you’re probably not grasping how enormously big that is. If you were to start browsing the pictures in this gallery, one every second, starting at the moment of the Big Bang till today, and continued repeating that process billions of billions of times, you wouldn’t have come even close to seeing 1% of the pictures of this gallery.

So what are the implications of this? In the Infinity Gallery you can find every single picture (with those properties) that has been taken in the past and that will be taken in the future. It even contains all the pictures that will never be taken. There is a 64x64 grayscale version of every picture you have posted and will ever post on social media, of each planet in the Universe and each species that may or may not live on them. There is also a picture of the keys you lost years ago in the exact location they are now.

At this point, some of you may be suspicious of this since this works offline and you may be asking: has this app taken the little storage I had left in my phone? The answer is no. Actually, it would be impossible to store all of it in such a little machine. The way the gallery works, is by creating a coordinate system on which every single picture is assigned to a unique coordinate. So when you enter a particular set of coordinates the app generates the picture associated with it. That picture will always be located at those same coordinates and anyone, anywhere can find it. And it also goes the other way, with any picture you upload, the app will find the 64 by 64 grayscale version and show you the coordinates where you can find it again.

If you have read this far, congratulations, you are a rare species in today’s world. And I’m going to reward you with some advice about how to browse the gallery. Randomly looking in different sections or coordinates will be frustrating since the vast majority of pictures are a nonsensical set of pixels. To find a picture you recognize is better to use the search tap.

But if you are a passionate adventurer, with an iron will, by all means, go ahead and sail in the countless pictures of this gallery to discover nothing and everything.
For even more information go to the Theory tab on the main menu of the app.
What's New
- New way of changing the gray scale of a pixel.
- Copy and paste all the coordinates.
Bug Fixes:
- Camera being inverted or rotated should be fixed.
- Unexpected crash after taking picture fixed.

Category: Art & Design , Similar

Date published: May 07, 2017

Current version: 2.4

Requires android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Everyone

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