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From model ships to crystal figurines, many people in the UK have treasured collections that they want to protect and show off in a room display cabinet. Here are a few tips for choosing just the perfect display cabinet for your irreplaceable articles.

Tip #1

Consider your current décor. Regardless of what type of furniture and furnishings you have, be sure your home display cabinet compliments it. There's nothing worse than buying a cabinet for the wrong reason and then finding out it that it does not "go" with what you currently have. So, think twice before acquiring that "bargain" curio display cabinet.

Tip #2

Expand your horizons. Be sure to consider types of room display cabinets other than the traditional freestanding type, especially if you're limited on space. A wall-mounted corner display cabinet, for example, is a great way to show off your collection in a way that saves space. And if you have existing wall furniture or shelving, see if the manufacturer offers a wall display cabinet that matches what you have.

Tip #3

Consider your collection's style. Room display cabinets should not dominate a collection. Instead, they should enhance it. If you have a collection of model 19th century sailing ships, for example, choose a cabinet with traditional styling that will give your collection a "period" feel. Regardless of style, however, be sure that your cabinet has adjustable shelves.

Tip #4

Consider alternate locations. Most people who want curio cabinets tend to want to place them in a living room or den. If you think creatively, though, you might be able to find an innovative way to display your collection. Here's an idea: what about a display cabinet built underneath a kitchen counter or island? Since the kitchen is the most used room in many houses, you'll have more opportunities to view your collection if it's located here.

A room display cabinet is a great way for collectors in the UK to display their treasures, large or small.

In the times when space is an expensive commodity, having a big living room is sheer luxury. But decorating huge living room is also as painstaking. They are difficult to maintain in the long run. Converting it into two different rooms seems a good idea. Room divider cabinet comes in very handy for splitting a big room into two parts. Keeping both these room equal in size or different depends upon the planned usage of the rooms.

Living Room Divider Cabinet

Room divider cabinet is a regular cabinet, often bigger in size than the regular ones. The bigger size of the divider cabinet is planned feature that is added to make it more useful like a wall. Living room divider cabinet is a decorative cabinet designed beautifully to be a decorative accessory along with providing storage solution. Most of the cabinet designs are the ones that allow view from one part of the room to the another. Wood along with glass is the most common material used to manufacture them. White finishes are quite popular and the designs can vary as per the requirement of the room and designer.

Decorative Aspect

Living room divider cabinet asks for a nice decor that keeps them fit well in the room. It should not look an out of place accessory.

Therefore choose decor accessories like decorative picture frames, pottery products, paintings etc to display. The room other than the living room can be used for a variety of purposes. Use the backside of the cabinet as a wall and decorate accordingly. Books, however, are a good thing to arrange in a divider cabinet. Using it as a book rack also helps to partially block the view to the other part of the room. Or the same decor can also be used for the other room, if the cabinet is without a completely blocked back. Smaller sizes also look good when the cabinet is kept adjoining a staircase of a slanting wall.


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