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The ring is a jewelry around his finger

Rings are small circular accessories worn on the fingers of women and men. Ordinary rings are made of gold, metal or precious metal, and are used to decorate a finger or as a luxury to indicate a person's status. Rings are often made of metal, but can actually be made from different types of materials such as plastics, wood, gemstones, glass, bones, titanium, jade and so on.

Ring worn by women and men. Traditional rings are usually made of precious metal; Like gold, silver, and platinum. Other metals such as stainless steel, chrome, iron, bronze, brass, and copper are also commonly used. Plain rings can be shaped, carved, or encrusted with diamonds, gems, or agate. Now the ring is made of many materials, such as plastic, wood, bone, jade, glass, rubber and other materials.

The habit of giving and receiving rings began more than 4,800 years ago. Wedding rings are usually installed on the ring finger. This habit originated from my belief in the 16th century Tudor dynasty that the ring finger of the left hand is related to a blood vessel directly related to the heart, therefore wearing a ring on the ring indicates that the wearer is in a relationship. In addition to functioning as a jeweler, traditionally, the ring is usually part of the wedding ceremony. Given at weddings, engagements, or as gifts given as expressions of loyalty and affection. This application provides some examples of beautiful ring designs may be useful and useful for you.

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